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Deer Wild Hog / Boar Bow Hunting Print E-mail
A super hog taken in our archery hog hunting areas during the March 09 Campbell's Outdoor Challenge hunt


Bow Hunting at Bang's Paradise Valley Hunting Club in the Low Country of South Carolina.

In just six short seasons, we have been able to build a respected reputation for having as good of an opportunity with the rifle as one can expect for South Carolina trophy deer hunting.  We have held some of these lands for 19 seasons (some of the land had previously been our our long time private club)where we have consistently fed and managed for quality deer.

About our Bow hunts:  Despite this phenomenal success our rifle hunters share, we have not been able to offer that kind of success and consistency to our would be bow hunting clients in the past.  We have found that archery hunting whitetails over bait is productive for a few in terms of does and young bucks, but rarely successful for mature trophy class deer.  As well, maintaining an un-pressured situation when hunting right on top of the bait piles is next to impossible.  We are happy to now offer a couple of tracts of land where we can manage our feeding and food plot plans to provide a bow hunter with a reasonable chance of getting bow close to a trophy deer.  We are continuing to allow bow only on this pristine Low Country river bottom, and oak ridges of these properties  With a little over 1 mile of frontage on the Salkahatchee River, our bow hunters will hunt the small drainages, creeks and the trails that criss cross from the daytime river bottom haunts to the everning feeding areas on the higher ground.  Each hunter will be assigned his or her own area to locate currently active trails to hunt over between the bedding and feeding areas.  Our feeding areas and food plots are strategically placed on the higher ground, greatly increasing the daytime visibility for the deer in the river bottoms.

 Wayne Burns with a nice low country boar he took with his bow
In the past, hunts staged directly at the feed sources, while    effective initially, have put learnable pressure on the deer and made consistency a problem.  We feel, with our revised strategy, that we can assure that the deer will remain active in our hunt areas and our trophy deer won't simply stay under cover until well after dark.  We continue to listen to our bow hunters and try to keep making changes to increase their chance to take a nice South Carolina buck with his or her bow.



About the Trophies: This property has been under a fifteen inch minimum spread rule for many years.  The neighbors as well are long term trophy management minded.  We intend on keeping with your requests to offer a property with true trophy potential.  Hunters will be allowed one buck of choice, and then additional bucks must have a 15 inch outside spread or better.  Does can be taken on or after September 15th.  There are also hogs on the property for most of the year.  There will be a $50 per hog charge over the regular deer rate for more than one hog per three day hunt.  We will allow hunters to take up to two hogs per day.  One hog is allowed per hunt at no extra charge.  Any shots at hogs will be checked out by management to make sure they are not wasted.  Any wounded hogs not recovered will be considered as taken hogs.

About your hunt:  We have divided our bow only hunting areas into individual sections.  Each hunter will be assigned (Sections will be assigned by draw in the case of multiple bow hunters in camp at one time), his or her own area and allowed to scout the day prior to the hunt.  Again, even though we have feeders and lock ons set up for bow hog hunting on the property, due to the nature of the deer to show at bait in the fading light, we suggest that you don't hunt directly over the feeders.  We highly recommend that you bring your own climbers or bow stands so you can move within your area and hunt from a stand that you are already comfortable with.

*NOTE* Again, we highly recommend that our bow hunters come with the thought in mind that they will hunt a travel pattern to feed rather than over feed.  You will be shown the property the day before the hunt starts and maps will be available for your use on your hunt.

Bow hunts may be scheduled for any day of the week, starting and ending on days of hunter's choice.  Additional days can be purchased for the same daily fee as the original 3 day rate.

During a separate orientation for bow hunters, we will listen to any other suggestions you might have, and make additional suggestions to you, such as mandatory safety harness required and bring along some additional trail markers for both day and night time use.  Please remove all trail markers when you leave.  We are looking for each of you to help us make your bow hunt more successful.

Taking advantage of our hog area during turkey season proved the right ingredient to bag this hog

During the last three years we have installed many automatic feeders to improve our hog hunting opportunity. With a recent scheduling with the Cambells Outdoor Challenge crew we're going continue to expand our bow areas and auto feeder programs.
Meals and Lodging

With the bow hunter in mind, we have purchased additional facilities next to us so we can provide housing starting this coming fall. There are several efficiencies where you can do your own cooking and have your own little private camp for your bow hunt. The main house ( 8 bed 5 bath ) kitchen will be stocked with staples, silverware, etc. Bath towells and supplies will be supplied in all your room along with bed linens. This will help make your hunt as cost efficient as possible. If room allows you may be able to eat with us at the main camp, depending on bookings.
Cost per hunter 3.5 day hunt: $995.00 Aug 15, - Jan 1 deer - hog combo
All summer and winter hog hunts are full service and priced on our rates page.  


Bow Hunting Itinerary

Wednesday Arrive after 1 pm. Afternoon will be utilized or scouting and bow practice. 

Thursday: Hunt

Friday: Hunt

Saturday: Hunt

Sunday: Hunt am, stand removal, depart by 1 pm
With advance scheduling, other week day hunts can also be worked in.
Call us for scheduling hunts during the week.